Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

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The sound made by drums is the heartbeat of the Earth.  Each bead, feather or design is an offering to the Great Spirit. The beauty found in utilitarian objects is the pride and the gift of their makers.  If the United States is a melting pot, then we run the risk of losing its amazing diversity. To take an alternative point of view, if America is a tapestry that celebrates each vibrant strand, then Native Americans are the original strands.

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum is a place where you can connect with the Great Spirit and the cultures of America’s native peoples. The museum strives to be a center of learning, fun and respect for Native American cultures. You don’t need a special event for the MKIM to be a great adventure but if you’re looking for one their Harvest Moon festival in early October - overseen by a committee of Native American tradition-bearers – is one of the best.  

"Indian Pony in the Granite Dells"                       Cards            Fine Art Prints

Since 2006 MKIM expanded its Turtle Island Summer Camp; announced a capital campaign aimed at securing the museum’s future; has re-dedicated its Medicine Woods Nature Trail; and has renovated office and collections storage spaces. What began as a dream is now one of the finest celebrations of Native people in the country. Whether you live nearby or are visiting from afar after your visit you’ll want to “join the circle”  Memberships are available, or, investigate the many volunteer opportunities.
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While you’re at it,  consider making a contribution to MKIM’s Capital Campaign.  We think you’ll want to turn your own positive experience here into action that carries the vision forward as they connect people of today with 20,000 years of ongoing American Indian lifeways.
MKIM is open every day, May-October, and weekends only in November. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday noon-5pm.  They are open for group tours as well.

Mt Kearsarge Indian Museum
18 Highlawn Rd, Warner, NH 03278
(603) 456-2600

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