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Flowers to Metallak & Moll

Flowers to Metallak & Moll
West Side Cemetery, Stewartstown, NH
Native American Heritage Adventures

The people and places of The Great North Woods have yielded many of New Hampshire’s most interesting legends. While many native peoples left their mark on the region, two names stand out. Metallak and Moll Ockett (sometimes referred to as Mollyockett ). 

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Metallak, knowns as the “Lone Indian of the Megalloway” was a famed hunter and guide and the last survivor of his small tribe, a branch of the Abenaki nation. Legend holds that Melallak lived to be 120 years old and in his final years, blind and barely able to walk, was cared for by the people of the region in gratitude for his years of friendship and service to them. He is buried in the West Side Cemetery
Located on the east side of NH 145, about 1 mile north of Stewartstown village.

Moll Ockett was the last of an Abenaki sub-tribe known as Pequakets.  Moll was a famed huntress and medicine woman among native people as well as European settlers - whom she befriended and taught to make maple syrup, grind corn and distinguish edible berries from poisonous varieties. She traveled throughout Maine and New Hampshire during her life and left her mark in many ways. On the shores of Lake Umbagog is a campsite reputed to be one of her favorite spots and now known as Moll’s Rock. If you have a yen to do some camping it is a delightful spot. You can pay your respects at Moll’s final resting place in the town of Andover, Maine, just across the border from Errol

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