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The Buffalo Road

Scenic Roads
The Buffalo Road, Rumney, NH

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The Buffalo Road begins in the center of Rumney, just north of the Rumney Town Common. Beginning as a paved road it gradually becomes gravel winding along the Baker River valley all the way to the town of Wentworth. Nathan Clifford, a United States Supreme Court Justice during the administration of Abraham Lincoln, was born in a house on this road. Today his place of birth is marked with a bronze plaque on the north side of the road. Also on Buffalo road is the Plummers Ledge Natural Area a glacially carved section of rock far from the water. This natural area is not obviously marked. It can be found by parking in the grassy lot directly across from the lumberyard and walking along the trail leading from the lot.

For Road Warriors
Most of the road is paved in the town of Rumney and becomes dirt shortly before crossing the Wentworth town line. At several points along the way there are turns leading to the left which allow the driver to return to Rte 25. Keep to the right or straight and you will remain on the Buffalo Road.

For Bicyclists
Paved & Dirt
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Touring or Mountain Bikes
Parking: Parking is availble at the National Forest Lot 1 mile from the center of Rumney (National Forest stickers required) Bicyclists will find the Buffalo Road a wonderful ride for all skill levels. Several nice round trips that reflect the skill level of the riders as well as the length of the route are available.

Buffalo Road to Sand Hill Road: This route is mostly flat and paved. Bicycle to the junction with Sandhill Road and return via the same route (8 mile round trip) or take Sandhill Road south to Rte 25 and Rte 25 back 3 miles to Main Street Rumney and thence Buffalo Road to your car.
Buffalo Road to Wentworth: This ride contains paved and dirt road and is considerably more rigorous, though the road is quite flat and well maintained. Return via the same route or bear south on Rte 25 to return to Main St. Rumney and thence the Buffalo Road. 26 miles roundtrip.

Other nearby attractions:

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