Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Spring Walk Through the Quincy Bog

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Any time of year the Quincy Bog provides an opportunity for quiet moments and a healthy time out from the buzz of everyday life. Spring time sights and sounds include the peepers, birds and small creatures emerging from their winter of rest. Click on any image for enlarged versions.

Signing in. The Bog is free but donations are gladly accepted and encouraged!

The Bog Center.
During the spring, summer and fall the center offers a variety of free programs and activities.

Starting out. . . The Bog trail is approximately 2 miles in length and is a loop returning to the Bog Center. Start with the South side trail or head west toward the ledges.

Looking out on the Bog from the south side trail

All along the trail there are opportunities to get close to the bog and to view its splendor.

Sometimes the passage over the bridge at the east end of the Bog is difficult. Our pesky beavers sometimes use the bridge as the centerpiece of a new dam.

In various months we will have a work day to repair the bridge and do other work at the bog. If you would like to help with the work day we'll provide you with the details.

Depending on the time of spring various plants will be coming up or blooming. Here Ground Cedar, an evergreen plant, presents the hardiest face to the winter past.

Once you've made it across the bridge its more quiet and beautiful hiking along the eastern side of the Bog.

The views to the northwest are even nicer.

The ledges on the northern end of the Bog offer a glimpse of the magnitude of mother nature's upheavals during and since the last ice age.

Thanks for taking the walk with us!

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