Friday, March 30, 2018

Weaving Truth into Fiction - Wayne King’s Novel “Sacred Trust” Reveals Long-Held NH Senate Secret

In a move likely to raise the hairs on the back of your neck former State Senator Wayne D. King has used the vehicle of his new novel “Sacred Trust” to unveil a long-held secret involving a group of State Senators, arrested while driving North in the Southbound lane of Interstate 93 after a long night of drinking at the famed Highway Hotel in Concord.

“Most of the people in the story are no longer living, after all it did happen in the early 1980s,” said King when asked about this recently at a book signing. “The story was recounted to me by a Senate colleague who was a part of the whole fiasco so I’m confident that it actually happened, though there’s no way to know just how much he embellished the tale.”

In “Sacred Trust” King, who was the 1994 Democratic Gubernatorial nominee, weaves a story with a familiar ring . . . the clash of ordinary people who transform into extraordinary heroes while confronting money and power in an epic battle to protect the land they love.

“Sacred Trust” is the tale of a rollicking campaign of civil disobedience against a private powerline, pitting nine unlikely environmental patriots from across the political spectrum calling themselves “The Trust”, against the “Granite Skyway” transmission line and its powerful, well-connected consortium of investors.
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With an obvious deep fondness for both the people and the land, King weaves a fast-paced tale filled with both real and fictional stories from the political world and life in the Granite State. In a rich tableau that includes sometimes hilarious and sometimes hair-raising stories including that of the “wrong way Senators”; Doctors sneaking a pregnant Llama into a hospital surgical ward for ACL surgery; A bear and a boy eating from the same blueberry patch atop Mount Cardigan as his father, the Ranger, watches helplessly from the firetower, and much more, King stitches together six decades of stories from New Hampshire life and politics.

Woven into the story are two simultaneous threads, in addition to the story line, adding substance to the pure joy of the story:

Essays written by fictional icons who, in the style of the Federalist Papers, defend the actions of “The Trust” and make the intellectual case against the Powerline, covering everything from protest and civil disobedience in a post 9-11 world to the path forward to a carbon free energy future; and a feature series written by a business journalist named Kitchen who documents New Hampshire’s key role in the birth of the renewable energy revolution and the choices faced by the nation, and the world, in light of the challenges posed by a changing climate.

The story of the “wrong way Senators”, now that it is revealed, is one that will surely live on in the lore of the Senate. Just how it was the story never became a matter of public record is recounted in chilling detail in the pages of King’s book.

King is currently working on an interactive text iBook that examines the key issues explored in “Sacred Trust”. The iBook will be free, The author hopes that teachers and professors will find that reading the book will be both a pleasant experience and grist for debate and discussion among students.

“Sacred Trust” Paperback:
354 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 1981490302
Price: $14.95*

Sacred Trust Kindle eBook
Price: $2.99*

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