Thursday, March 15, 2018

Performance Enhancement

Like a lot of folks in the shadow of Rattlesnake Ridge I watched the Olympics. Of course the majority of folks watched team USA hoping that these great kids would realize their dreams but there’s also been quite a bit of talk about the Russian athlete who was caught blood doping and had his Olympic medal revoked. The fact that he used performance enhancing substances was of some interest - after all with all of the attention focused on the banning of the Russian Team from the 2018 Olympics because of rampant violations of the rules in the 2014 Olympics the notion that someone would be so brazen as to do it again with everyone watching leaves more than a few folks scratching their heads . . . and, here’s where I’ll probably get targeted with a lot of hate mail . . . his violation was for blood doping to enhance his performance in CURLING! Taking performance enhancing products for Curling is a little bit like blood doping before the annual sheep shearing contest at the Sandwich Fair.

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