Friday, February 10, 2012

The Elwell Trail, Hebron, NH

The Elwell Trail, named for long time resident Colonel Alcott Farrar Elwell,  runs from Bear Mountain on the Southwest side of Newfound Lake to Mt. Cardigan. It was pioneered in two parts, first closest to Mt Cardigan and then in the 1980's between Wellington State Park and The Summit of Sugarloaf Mt. What NH Camp was the Pioneer of the Elwell Trail?

The Elwell Trail was pioneered by Allyn Brown Jr. , Weston Pullen Sr. Counselors at Camp Mowglis on Newfound Lake. The original trail went from Mt. Cardigan to the summit of Bear Mountain. In the 80's the trail was extended to its modern terminus at Wellington State Park in honor of Jim Boicourt of Camp Mowglis who had lost his life in an avalanche in 1976.

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