Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Hiking in the White Mountains

By Fred Shirley

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If you drive by a trailhead parking lot in the White Mountains in winter, you’ll see lots of cars. What gives? The answer: outdoor enthusiasts have discovered a fantastic winter playground!

The popularity of winter hiking has flourished in recent years. In part, it is because high-tech gear, such as current-design snowshoes, makes winter hiking easy.

But it is also the beauty of the season. The cold dry air creates a deep blue sky and long clear vistas. New snow on trees and landscape hides imperfections under a pristine cover. Low-slanting sunlight -- known to photographers as “sweet light” -- makes everything look its best.

And, then, there are the three reasons die-hard winter hikers have always known about: no bugs, no heat and no crowds! More

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