Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sledding in the Gully, Rumney NH

Not all winter activities have to cost a fortune. A few dollars for a sled at a local store can yeild a lot of enjoyment for kids and adults alike.This month we profile "The Gully" in Rumney, NH a safe and thrilling sliding spot. Send us your favorite sledding spot and we'll check it out for our readers here.

Located just behind the main village of Rumney, the Gully is well hidden and sits on private land that traditionally has been open for sledders. The sled run itself is about 200 yards long and follows the path of an old logging road that runs between two high ridges that form the arms of a notch that is the sled run. Since the sides are quite steep with the path itself clear with a few turns it forms a sort of natural "luge" run. Sledders can get going quite fast and safely navigate their way down the run..

For the younger children or those not quite as adventurous, they need not climb all the way to the top and can modify their run based on their level of courage, which is sure to increase after they experience the thrill.

Directions: To get to the Gully follow Rte 25 to Main St in Rumney. Follow Main St approximately 1/2 mile to the Town Common where you will see the library and the Baptist Church. If it's not Sunday morning, you may safely park behind the Church where you will see a large field. Park here and walk Northwest to the far corner of the field where you will see a trail used by snowmobilers and cross country skiers as well. Follow this trail about 200 yards and you will come to a fork. The gully is directly to your right at this point.

Please remember that this is private land and treat it respectfully to ensure that future generations of sledders will enjoy the same privileges.

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