Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andover Historical Society Museum

Donated, by Charles and Elynor Taylor of Wilmot, in 1983 to the newly incorporated Historical Society the Potter Place Railroad Station is the venue for the Andover Historical Society Museum. The Museum contains an authentic "stationmaster's office," rooms for other exhibitions, and a gift shop.

In 1987 a Northern Railroad Caboose and Snow Plow were obtained and moved to the tracks near the station. Although in 1993 the Society parted with the snow plow because it was unable to restore it as it needed, the Caboose remains as part of the historic railroad exhibit of the Society.

The Society Museum is open every weekend from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, and the Society holds several meetings throughout the year with speakers on topics of interest to the townspeople, and occasionally Historic Walks to places of interest in the town.

For more information, you can contact:
Andover Historical Society
PO Box 167
Andover NH 03216

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