Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spotted Touch-Me-Not

Spotted Touch-Me-Not
Impatiens capensis
aka Jewelweed

General: One of the most interesting of plants to young children because of the way seed pods pop when touched. This is the plant's way of reseeding. When the pod pops the plant throws its seeds a considerable distance.

Description: Golden orange flowers spotted with red to brown spots. Tall succulent looking plant with stems nearly translucent. Flowers rarely longer than 1 inch in size. Seed pod that pops when touched throwing off the seeds. Flowers from July to October and can be found particularly in wet areas. Touch-me-not can grow up to 5 ft in size but is usually abut 3 ft. high

Herbal Uses: First peoples used the juice from the Touch-me-Not to relieve the itching of poison ivy and other skin irritation - including athletes foot.

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