Friday, January 9, 2009

New Hampshire Trivia Quiz 1

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1. A careful visitor to Dover might notice that the spelling of the name Cochecho differs between the name of the River and the famed Mills that line its banks. What accounts for this difference?

2. General John Stark is credited with the phrase known today as the NH motto. What is it? (if you get this wrong, you’ve got a lot to learn!)

3. General John Stark is also the name given to NH’s only “home grown” vodka. Produced in NH and sold only in NH Liquor stores. Where is it made?

4. The Nutfield Brewing Company took its name from a colonial locale. Where was Nutfield?

5. The Isles of Shoals were home to one of America’s most renowned nineteenth century poets. What was her name?

6. NH is home to only two National Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks. One of them is the Cog Railway. What is (are is more accurate) the other?

7. What was the original name for the Baker River that runs from Wentworth to Plymouth NH.

8. Name the three major stars of “On Golden Pond”

9. Who wrote the screenplay for “On Golden Pond” and from what book was it adapted?

10. What is the name of the road that joins Albany on the Kancamagus Highway with Rte 302 in Bartlett and how many cars pass over it in January?

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