Monday, November 3, 2008

Working to Preserve the Beauty of Squam

Protecting Our Resources

The beauty and tranquility of Squam Lakes is the result of years of work by thousands of volunteers and the organizations they have built to preserve the legacy. Each of these organizations has its own unique story to tell and we hope in the future to play a part in telling their story. Their work is a significant part of the ongoing story of Squam. We encourage you contact them to contribute land, financial assistance and to volunteer your time and energy.


Lakes Region Conservation Trust
Since 1979, the Lakes Region Conservation Trust has protected more than 17,000 acres of shore frontage, islands, forests, and mountaintops, including the 5,500-acre Castle in the Clouds property. LRCT needs your help to preserve the unique character of the region and teach the benefits of conservation to our children and grandchildren. We encourage you to learn about the Trust, to visit their protected lands, and to invest in preserving our precious natural heritage.

Lakes Region Conservation Trust
P.O. Box 1097, Meredith, NH 03253

slaSquam Lakes Association
The Squam Lakes Association (SLA) is dedicated to conserving for the public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and unique resource values of the lakes and surrounding area. In cooperation with local and state authorities and other conservation organizations, the Association promotes the protection, careful use and shared enjoyment of the lakes, mountains, forests, open spaces and wildlife of the Squam Lakes Region. Since 1904 the Squam Lakes Association has worked to preserve the character of the Squam Lakes.

Squam Lakes Association
P.O. Box 204, Holderness, NH 03245

 Squam Lakes Conservation Society
The Squam Lakes Conservation Society's mission is to preserve the unique quality and character of the Squam watershed by protecting lands forpresent and future generations. SLCS was formed in 1960 by long-timeresidents of the area, making it one of the oldest land trusts and theonly one exclusively focused on the Squam watershed. The SLCS, with 57properties in their care, envisions a unique region of islands,shorefront, back lands, and mountains wherein a harmony between thenatural environment and mankind is preserved forever. SLCS achieves the long-term protection of land by seeking, holding, andmonitoring conservation easements and by accepting land ownership. Asland values and property taxes continue to rise, conservation effortsbecome more urgent to counteract the pressure to subdivide, sell ordevelop Squam's special places. SLCS staff can offer advice andassistance to landowners interested in taking conservation action.

Squam Lakes Conservation Society
P.O. Box 696, Holderness, NH 03245
603- 968-7900

LPCLoon Preservation Committee
For over 25 years, the Loon Preservation Committee has worked to preserve loons and their habitats in New Hampshire through research, management and education activities.The support of members and volunteers allows LPC to monitor the abundance and breeding successof loons; to record trends in loon populations and assess the effectiveness of conservation efforts; to build and float nesting rafts and protect nesting sites and much more. Their Wildlife Sanctuary and Educational Facility, commonly known as the Loon Center is located in Wolfeboro.

Loon Preservation Committee
183 Liss’s Mills Road, Moultonborough, NH 03254

SLCCSquam Lakes Natural Science Center
The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is a private non-profit organization located in Holderness whose mission is to advance understanding of ecology by exploring New Hampshire's natural world. At the main center visitors will find exciting exhibits including many of the most interesting animal species from the region and educational programs that teach conservation principles to school children and visitors. The Center’s exhibits and trails are open seasonally but the educational mission of Squam Lakes Science Center continues throughout the year with educational programs and conservation work for the community and visitors alike.

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
PO Box 173 • 23 Science Center Road
Holderness, NH 03245

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