Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Hampshire Trivia Quiz

  1. What was the Native American (Penacook) name for Mount Washington?
  2. Who was the first Caucasian man to climb Mt Washington?
  3. What is the name of the AMC Hut that sits on the north end of the Franconia Range?
  4. What is the name of the shelter on the side of Mt Cardigan and Firescrew?
  5. Name the peaks along the edge of Newfound Lake from Wellington to Cardigan.
  6. The Elwell Trail, running from Wellington Park to the summit of Cardigan was originally pioneered by what local camp?
  7. What specific tree produces Maple Syrup?
  8. What coniferous tree sounds poisonous but is not and has more vitamin C than an orange in a handful of leaves brewed as tea?
  9. What kind of conifer was used to produce masts for sailing ships?
  10. During colonial times, the trees described above had a very regal name, what was it?
  11. What tree produced a sap that was made into cough syrup by colonial settlers?
  12. In what town is Nathaniel Hawthorne believed to have penned his famous story “The Devil and Daniel Webster”?
  13. Robert Frost was born in Derry, NH but spent a good deal of his life in what Heart of NH town that now has a museum of his homestead?
  14. What College in the Heart of New Hampshire has the ignominious honor of having fired Robert Frost from his teaching job?
  15. For many years a logging train was used to haul lags out of this region now designated as a wilderness. What is the region?
  16. Before the expedition of Colonel Baker up the river that now bears his name, what was the name of the Baker River?

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Trivia Answers
1.     Agiocochook
2.     Darby Field
3.     Greenleaf Hut
4.     Crag Hut
5.     Little Sugarloaf, Big Sugarloaf, Bear Mountain, Oregon Mountain, Mowglis Mountain, Firescrew, Cardigan.
6.     Camp Mowglis
7.     Sugar Maple
8.     Hemlock
9.     White Pine
10.  The Kings Pines
11.  Yellow Birch (Black Birch was also used)
12.  Plymouth, NH
13.  Franconia, NH
14.  Plymouth State University
15.  The Pemigewasset Wilderness
16.  The Asquamchemaukee River (various spellings exist for this native name)

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