Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indian Leap - Agassiz Basin

Great Swimming Holes in New Hampshire

With the exception of Welton Falls in Alexandria, Indian Leap (aka Agassiz Basin) is more of an adrenaline rush than any leap we've discovered yet.

At about 50 feet, the largest of the cliffs at this Woodstock swimming hole provides a heart thumping opportunity to leap into the abyss.

Also known as Agassiz Basin after the legendary Harvard professor and scientist Louis Agassiz, this is one swimming hole not to be missed.

While there are several cliffs for jumping and diving there are also many nice pools for just plain swimming and wading and from Indian Leap downriver there are more spots to explore. During the hottest part of the summer you'll find a fair number of people enjoying this spot but in early and late summer as well as on days that are a bit less pleasant, it's quite likely you'll have it to yourself.

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Directions: Rte 112 from Woodstock approximately 3 miles. Watch for three parking areas on the left after passing the Lost River Campground. Indian Leap is adjacent to a seasonal restaurant Giovanni's and parking space is shared with them. Parking in the lot closest to the swimming area is closed after 4pm so you must park down a bit further.

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