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June 13-16 is Lupine & Motorcycle Nexus

Wind in the Lupines
Lupine Mindscape

The Weekend of June 13-16 is a unique confluence in New Hampshire's Northcountry. The weekend encompasses the major weekend activities of both the North Country Lupine Festival and New Hampshire's renowned Motorcycle week in the Lakes Region.

If you are in the habit of picturing the extremes in your mind, it might not seem that these two events would create a comfortable nexus. After all, the idea of ladies with Blue hair mingling with motorcycle gangs just somehow does not seem a joyous reunion among old friends. Truth is that over the years both these events have seen a gradual shift in their attendees: The Motorcycle week has become a very family friendly event and when possible, there is no better way to view the beauty of the Mountainsides ablaze with Lupine than on the seat of a Harley.
Watching Over the Bikers

Even the geographic regions have made efforts to mingle their activities with a blessing of the Bikes event taking place in the heart of lupine country and more and more state planted Lupine fields garnishing the roadsides of the Lakes Region.

Nowhere else in New Hampshire does this flower figure so prominently into the landscape and the ethos of the region.

Early June sees roadsides and fields carpeted with Lupines and the view is serene and awe inspiring at once.

The communities of Bethlehem, Easton, Franconia, Sugar Hill, Twin Mountain, and Bretton Woods all join together to celebrate the coming of the Lupine and to showcase their region.

Every year they put together a host of great events around the flowering: Garden tours, historic inn tours, concerts, sidewalk sales, art exhibits.

If you are a photographer, painter, artist of any sort, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven as you wander the area and capture the beauty with your mind and your medium.

Motorcycle Weekend has changed profoundly over time. Time was in New Hampshire, that mothers warned their children not to go out during motorcyle weekend in New Hampshire. Now the event spans nine full days and mothers take the children along for the adventure. 

These two sentences sums up the changes that have come to Motocycle week in the Lakes Region. Now one of the most important economic events to the region, and still a nine day party, Motorcycle week has been transformed from an event, dogged by controversy, into a family event that draws nearly one half million people to the state, provides events for people of all ages, raises thousands of dollars for charity and creates a set of unforgettable experiences for everyone from the most die hard race fan to vicarious gawkers.

Today Laconia has now regained its popularity and place in the world of motorcycles. 1997 saw 225,000 motorcyclists attend Motorcycle Week. 2001 was another record breaking year with over 375,000 people coming in and out of the State of New Hampshire. Laconia Motorcycle Week is the oldest of the Three National Rallies and has grown to a World Class Rally being featured on the Travel Channel, Discovery, and many other national and International media outlets. 

With hundreds of events spanning the nine days of the Rally and spreading to surrounding towns outside of Laconia. Laconia is no longer the outcast among great New Hampshire events.  And its easy to see why when one considers that the average family attending the rally, spends about $700 per person and tax revenues exceed 250 million dollars.

The crowds have been smaller than usual this year to date so there are a lot of last minute specials available for the weekend adventurer. Making it the perfect time to plan and execute that last minute trip.

The Fields of Lupine Festival is a regional event celebrating the blossoming of the Lupines in New Hampshire's Northcountry.

Links and Details

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