Sunday, February 10, 2013

“Yankee Editor”

“Yankee Editor”
Vignettes & Anecdotes by a New England Country Editor and Legislator
By Edward J. Bennett.
227 pp
$25.00 Plus $4.95 Priority Shipping & Handling
Heart of New Hampshire Publishing
Second Printing
ISBN 0-9618624-0-8
Library of Congress No. 87-70800

Ed Bennett is a legendary figure in New Hampshire journalism and politics. At various times. a Newspaper Editor, a State Senator and a Commissioner, Bennett was named as Commissioner of Economic Development by the notorious Governor Meldrim Thomson. During his tenure, Bennett took a strong stand against a pet project of the Governor - a polluting paper mill on the Connecticut River, and was subsequently relieved of his duties. . . the paper mill was never built.

The only person to ever successfully sue the infamous William Loeb, Publisher of the Manchester Union Leader, Bennett’s more than 79 years of service to the state of NH and the newspaper business make this book a great read for those interested in politics, publishing or just getting a glimpse behind the scenes in those worlds.

“With a newspaperman’s eye for the unique and a veteran storyteller’s easy sense of humor the author takes you from the smoke-filled rooms at the state capitol and the barnyards of the rugged yankee folk to the sedate ambience of Boston’s most exclusive clubs. This book is an absolute must for anyone who apppreciates New England folklore crafted with old-fashioned color and style.”
Dean Dexter - New Hampshire legislator and newspaperman0-9618624-0-8

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