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R & R Woodworkers

NH Made Products

Robin Kosstrin and Bob Yanuck started R&R Woodworkers in January of 2002. They decided to make a truly New England product handcrafting their exceptionally comfortable Adirondack furniture from northern white cedar purchased from a small mill in Vermont.
The two comprise the perfect team. Bob, a former carpenter/builder enjoys making furniture with his own personal touch while Robin uses her organizational and social skills on the marketing side of the business.

Both Robin and Bob enjoy research and development, and are very proud of their products, particularly their comfort and classic design.

One ingredient that makes their Adirondacks different from other Adirondacks is the use of 5/4" thick cedar throughout, making them much thicker and sturdier than other similar products. “Northern white cedar is a wonderful wood.” Says Robin, “ It doesn't splinter and is naturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insects!”

Recognizing that these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship are most likely to be used in venues that are exposed to the elements, R&R Woodworkers uses elements that reflect the need for them to stand up to those elements: stainless steel screws, which will not rust, and waterproof glue.

Among their products are chair-sets - one unit with 2 chairs with a table in between; chairs; footrests; rockers - both large and small; end, coffee, and picnic tables, and their new garden bench. The latter is very sturdy, weighing 65 pounds.
If you are an aficionado of Adirondack furniture then you’ll know that not all Adirondacks are the same. Two chairs, side by side that look almost the same can be vastly different in terms of comfort. The angle is a critical factor in the chairs and the bench. We can attest that R&R have the angle right and they are “Spot On” when it comes to comfort. Even the chair backs and seats are shaped for comfort. The bench, while built with a more vertical design, is also extremely comfortable.

According to Bob, one of the most common reactions by a potential customer first sitting in one of their chairs is, "I never knew a wooden chair could be so comfortable!"

One measure of both the quality and the comfort of R & R’s line is the number of local Inns, B&B and other businesses that sport R & R furniture. Of course they know that supporting local folks who are producing a quality product is very important to the New Hampshire economy, but they also know that their customers want comfort. In the classic sense they are thinking globally and acting locally. And the prices are very reasonable.
All the furniture is made in a barn in Jackson, NH – in the heart of the White Mountains. Robin and Bob sell their products at shows such as the Made in NH Expo in Manchester, NH; and the Home, Garden, and Flower Show in Fryeburg, ME, among others. Their show schedule is listed on their website:

They are also available at several gift shops; lumber-yards; and nurseries; and, of course, phone orders and email orders are always welcome. Be aware that the good folks at R & R prize their reputation for producing a high quality line of finished products and for that reason they don’t ship, so you’ll have to make the trip to the White Mountains or one of the retailers that they work with if you are going to be lucky enough to own this line – or they will make a trip on your behalf for a nominal fee.

The Shop in Jackson, NH

R & R Woodworkers
PO Box 548
Jackson, NH 03846
Tel: 603-383-0890
Toll Free: 866-616-9663
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