Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Mooseman Cometh

Photos by Rick Libbey and Spencer Baselice

After spending a short time with this photographer, it is easy to see why he is “on the moose!”

It's mid-July, peak moose watching season, and Rick Libbey, who is known as The Mooseman, slowly moves his kayak across the bog cautiously, edging closer to a 1,200 pound bull taking his fill of sodium-rich plant life to help his antlers grow and harden before mating season this fall.

Suddenly, the moose's ears fold back, so The Mooseman takes a few short strokes of the paddle and moves his kayak several yards away, still watching the animal intently, and not making a sound, or moving his body an inch. He knows their behavior well, and he knows the signs to watch for. If the hair on the moose's back begins to rise, he'll paddle away swiftly. If the animal's tongue comes out, he should already be safely out of range.

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