Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moose Watching in the Great North Woods

The moniker "Moose Alley" is employed rather freely through the North Country but the section of
Moose in the Phlox - Mooned by a Moose
Rte 3 region beginning in Pittsburg and extending about 22 miles to the Canadian border has the signage to claim it as theirs, and moose galore. Large numbers of moose patrol the sides of the road in the early morning and at dusk. Drive slowly, sometimes a moose will decide to make a dash for it across the road. Here on Moose Alley, you are as likely to be hit by a moose as you are to hit one. Constant vigilance is a must in the early and late hours. Remember that moose, while usually quite docile are most likely to be aggressive during the fall rutting season. At the Southern margin of the Great North woods and the northernmost reaches of New Hampshire White Mountains, Scenic Moose and Wildlife Tours are offered by the Gorham, NH Chamber of Commerce. These 3-hour journeys set off in the evening in a 21-passenger van along the Androscoggin River. While spotting an animal in the wild can never be guaranteed, the tours have a 97.3% success rate in finding moose, and as many as thirteen moose have been sited during one tour. Other wildlife-- such as bald eagles-- may be spotted too.

Tours run from May 31 to October 11, 2004; rates are $15/adult, $10 for ages 5 to 12, $5 for under-5's. Call 1-800-DO-SEE-NH (800-367-3364), or visit the Mount Washington Valley site or the Gorham Village site.

New Hampshire Poster - Moose in First Snow

Lone Moose on Robartwood Pond

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