Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Chapel at Wonalancet

The chapel at Wonalancet is one of the most photographed scenes in the US. Wonalancet was the son of Chief Passaconaway, he was a Sachem of the Penacook tribe (a revered religious figure). After the death of his father, he served as the Chief of the Penacook until his own death in 1697. The townshhip of Wonalancet is a part of the town of Tamworth. The name Wonalancet translates into "Pleasant breathing". 

* Please note, because many of the native peoples did not have written languages, including the Penacook, the spelling of various names sometimes varies because the spelling of their written names were interpreted by white settlers or travelers through the region. Over time, accepted spellings and pronunciations have come to be accepted but may be found in other forms. For example: Wannalancit is the name of an office building in Lowell, Massachusetts, which was an important fishing ground for the Pennacook, it is virtually certain that the name was derived from the same source but the spelling obviously varies.

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