Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beede Falls & Cow Cave

Written by Wayne D. King

Sandwich, NH

Beede Falls along the Sandwich Notch Road is not a spectacular falls but in the spring or after a heavy rain the falls itself is quite lovely and the area surrounding it including Cow cave and the Beede Brook are well worth the trip.

Beneath the Falls is a small indentation called Cow Cave. According to Elizabeth Yates in her definitive book "The Road Through Sandwich Notch" a cow wandered off from one of the many farms that once dotted the landscape along the Sandwich Notch Road and local folks searched for days, unable to find it. Finally one day the cow was discovered under the falls in this small "cave". Thus the name.

Swimming is permitted here and many local folks say its a great spot for it. The water is clean and cold and visitors have treated the area with respect so it doesn't suffer the signs of overuse some of the more popular swimming spots do.

Directions: Rte 93 to exit 28. Follow rte 49 toward Waterville Valley for about 5 miles until you pass the Mad River Road on the left. The turn for the Sandwich Notch Road is the second road to your right thereafter.

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  1. We're heading there now! We've been only once before, but it's beautiful. I will link to you from my blog,